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This is where we can put cool information like new arrivals and innovative products that deserve a page of info! Unique ways of marketing like this will draw traffic directly to our site. Blogs humanize our image from just being a cold business to one with personality. Something that Weber already thrives in the local community. We are not stuck up suits like Graybar or weasels like Hite. This way we can be a powerhouse of information while capitalizing on value-added selling unlike most of our competitors. We can post our successes with LED jobs with before and after pictures and tell the story of how we saved our customer money by helping them switch over. We can do this with words, pictures, and video!

New LED Lighting

Pictures are worth one thousand words they say. But linking a video from one of our suppliers or even our YouTube Channel? Priceless!!!



And Just like that, I have made a very awesome blog! If we had a product in this blog that we wanted to sell, we would just link it like this! 

Check out this fixture!

Or for more tracking abilities, we can use the other free service BitLy to track how many times that link is clicked!

Check out this fixture!

Super easy. Just drop me an email for more information!

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